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Four Fold Bet Explained

This accumulator process is very easy once you get the hang of it. Plus, the probability of you making a profit using this method is far better than placing regular accumulators. Add your selections to the betslip, and place the bet, using a stake no higher than the maximum needed to qualify for the offer. Move to the lower part of the bet slip and find the correct betting option. If you want to know how to place an accumulator bet, but find it confusing, there’s no need to worry. It’s pretty straight forward and we’ll break down the steps for you.

He’s currently writing his first book ‘Smash & Grab – Punters Guide To Accumulator Betting’ which is out later this year. The total returns for the bet is the result of adding together the returns from the 2 parts. Let’s say you think Man City will win the Premier League.

Accumulator tips tend to give the biggest returns in terms of a multiple as you’ll need each of the selections to win to make a profit. Of course, this means it’s perhaps the most risky of the bet types, as you can have six winning selections, all for the final one to lose and wipe out all your potential returns. For this reason, many will cover their bets with singles, doubles or trebles of the same selections so they can at least gain a profit if one of the runners fails to score. Perhaps the most popular of the multiple bets, an accumulator bet combines three or more selections in a single wager. This means that to get a return, you’ll need all of the selections in this bet to be winning ones.

As with all sports betting, it’s not about how many football accumulators you win. While footy accums may be composed of a number of single bets, at the end of the day, a footy acca is a single bet itself. With various options available, you can modify acca betting in Canada to increase your risk of winning. You could do this by placing a 4 fold accumulator on 6 teams, for example.When you place a 4 fold accumulator, you would usually make four selections. In four football matches, you might bet on Man Utd, Arsenal, Watford and Fulham to beat their opponents, for example.

Accumulator bets are actually nothing difficult to learn, these kinds of bets, as we already mentioned, are simple straight bets, which combines an exact number of selections. It is very important to notice, that for accumulator bet, you should win all the selections to take the winning amount from the whole accumulator bet, if only one selection lose, you lose everything. AP- Advantage Play – Advantage play is an advanced technique in matched betting where we don’t actually lay our bets but still have good value in the long run.

With an accumulator bet, a punter wagers on multiple contests. Assuming that the punter correctly guesses the result of the first game, the total wager and odds are multiplied and then applied to the next contest. In the world of sports betting, an “acca” refers to an accumulator bet. You might then add Watford (2.05) to the above selections and have a treble available at odds of 3.49. This would mean a 10 Euro bet would return 34.90 Euros should the three teams win. This type of accumulator would give you combined odds of 2.32 – which is a terrible price on the outcome of four matches.