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What Is Accumulator Betting? Accumulator Betting Explained

The potential winnings with accumulator bets are almost limitless. The clue is in the name – “accumulator” – meaning your winnings accumulate with each selection that proves correct, creating chances to win staggering sums of money. The thrill of having a crucial goal clinch your accumulator at the last minute is difficult to match in sports betting, and this excitement is what makes accumulator betting so popular in football. It is, of course, popular in other sports, too, but it has almost become part and parcel of football culture in recent years. To illustrate this scenario, consider a two-fold accumulator on a Man City–Liverpool game for £5.

For the purposes of this example, we are going to presume we have staked £10. To calculate an accumulator bet odds, you need to multiply the odds of all individual selections together. The odds for acca bets will be entirely dependent on the odds of your specific selections. The way the final payout is calculated will be through the accumulation of your proposed winning bets. As you’ll see, your selections will be added to your bet slip, with the odds of each selection stated alongside it. When you visit your bookmaker, you will see a list of all of the available selections that you can bet on.

There you have it, you’ve now had accumulator betting explained and will be in a better position than most when it comes to game day. We were being offered more and more money to cash out and walk away from the bet. Six of the selections had already won and we just needed West Ham to beat Watford.

An example of placing a straight-line accumulator would be to make a bet on the outcome of four Premier League football matches and place all four bets in an accumulator in one bet. As you can see, the values differ greatly, which is precisely the reason why so many football lovers decide in favor of accumulator bets. On the contrary, some punters consider that such bets are not worthwhile due to the fact that in their view, it is quite hard to have all your predictions right. Still, as you can see, the risk is definitely worth taking, especially if you are offered such a good value. Once you have learned more about the special features of this way of gambling on football, perhaps, you are eager to find out more about the manner in which such bets are created.

But, at all, if you want to win a lot of money, you should follow the tips, we provided and make the perfect accumulator bet, which can give a really good amount, if you win the bet. In almost every online bookmaker you can place an accumulator bet, and the steps for it are quite similar. The only thing, which you should remember is that the actual name of the accumulator may be different, for example in some of the bookmakers, you can see a bet slip, which actually is an accumulator bet.

These let you exchange lower initial odds in exchange for insurance. The benefit of this over conventional acca insurance is stakes are refunded in cash and to a much higher limit. Coupons and Jackpots – Most top bookies run coupons, for football multiples at least. These give you guaranteed odds for a set number of picks and can offer better value than placing the bet off coupon. Some coupons also come with jackpots, so if your multiple does win you could also be in with a chance of winning a jackpot on top.