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How To Place An Accumulator Bet On Bet365

The reality is most bookmakers cater for acca punters and in fact, see accumulator betting as a key part of their business and betting platform. Please note that your accumulator bet does not have to be made up of match result selections. Be it football, horses, golf or whatever, your best bet to pick up big winnings with an acca is to undertake critical research beforehand. All of the data and up to date statistics that you need can be hunted down online so there is no need to ever lay an under researched acca. If you are betting on the horses, remember that all the form is available for free and published daily as are last minute, real time ground reports and weather forecasts.

To tell the truth, accumulators very often lead to a loss of money. In order to avoid it, experts have created four pieces of advice that will be useful for every punter. A full article on how bookmakers create profit by setting the overround can be found here. However, the double, which would be priced at 2.64/1, would yield a loss of 36p should you decide to bet £1 on every possible outcome, with a £4 total outlay as we can see below. An £80 return, equivalent to 7/1, seems like a brilliant result and of course it is… if you win.

The potential winnings can be very high from a relatively small stake. The process below should be suitable for most online bookmakers. The different selections of an accumulator are known as folds. So a six-fold acca contains six selections of which each one needs to win to land the overall bet.

Accumulator bets allow us to take on greater risk for greater reward. Most bookmakers will display your return in the betslip and not your profit. This is simply the above calculation but without your stake taken off. If you want to calculate your actual profit from your accumulator, simply take your stake off the return value shown on your betting slip. The appeal of accumulator bets are the large odds that can be achieved when pricing them up. This is due to the multiplication factor that occurs with Accas.

It sounds crazy but the prospect of winning £50 on a £1 four-fold accumulator doesn’t trigger the same giddy excitement as a potential £20,000 return on a 10-fold. A prime example of the power of an accumulator bet is the story of Fred Craggs, who placed a 50p stake on an accumulator featuring eight different horses running at various locations, back in 2008. For example, you could choose one match per weekday from Monday to Friday. If you are a weekend warrior, you can pick a few games starting at Saturday noon and ending Sunday night. What’s important is to not choose games that take place simultaneously.

You might even have a strong feeling for an NFL match going off in the US overnight. Whilst many people simple back their favourite sports team or pick a horse based on its name, there are more systematic ways of placing bets. As one of the most popular types of bet, you’re sure to have heard the term before, but you may be unfamiliar with how accumulator betting works. Put simply, an accumulator bet in Canada is a wager on more than one event. When you place a 4 fold bet, for example, you’re placing an accumulator bet which incorporates 4 events into your wager. One thing that the stats might tell you is whether or not a team might be likely to concede in their football match which will help you decide to cash out your acca early.